Spring 2017
Starting 6.00am
A 10 kilometre barefoot beach walk


Whether you choose to stay high and dry or wet your toes in the bay, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on how cancer has affected the women in your life and take pride in your role to help beat women’s cancer.

Our newest Across the Bay Event is open to people of all ages and fitness levels, and raises vital funds to help fight women’s cancers.

Starting at dawn participants will stretch and get into the relaxed vibe of this event with a sunrise yoga session on the beach. The event will then involve a 10km barefoot beach walk along the beautiful shores of Port Phillip Bay.

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Open to all ages and fitness levels, raising vital funds specifically to help fight women’s cancers.


Open to all ages and fitness levels, raising vital funds to help fight women’s cancers.


If you can’t find an answer, ask us on Facebook or send us an email: events@acrossthebay.com.au

The course for the event will start at Aspendale Beach and follow the foreshore south towards Patterson River and back.

The day will start at 6:00am on event day, and you will need to:

  • Sign in
  • Receive your official event top
  • Get ready for the sunrise yoga session!

Walking on the beach calms your soul and puts you in touch with nature. It is a fantastic way to stay fit and use muscles your don’t usually use with regular walking. Walking on sand tones your calves, thighs and booty!

We KNOW you can make the distance! 10km might sound like a long way, but with friends and a community all in this together you will have the support to complete the course!

We will have regular training events to walk along a variety of Victoria’s beautiful coast to get ready for the event.

100% yes! We love everything about the beach and one of the most amazing things is to be on the beach when the sun comes up. So we are running a sunrise yoga session to stretch and warm up! Get in early to get the best spot on the beach to welcome the sun!

Yes please! The event is dependant on dedicated volunteers to assist with various activities on the day. Just email us for more information about volunteering: events@acrossthebay.com.au .

If you sadly can’t make it on the day for whatever reason, your funds will still support Cancer Council Victoria in their fantastic work – and we will hope you will be able to make it the following year. Also don’t forget to get in touch after the event so that we can give you your event lycra top.

The event will definitely take place! Rain hail or shine we will be there! If you are unable to attend on the event date the registration fee is non-refundable.
All funds raised will still go to Cancer Council Victoria.

The amazing thing about Barefoot for Women’s Cancers is the community of people coming together to experience an adventure and contribute to the positive impact to the lives of others. With 1 in 3 Australian’s impacted by cancer events like Barefoot for Women’s Cancers are important to continue to raise critical funds for organisations like Cancer Council Victoria and all participants are encouraged to raise funds for the cause. For more information about how your fundraising will benefit Cancer Council Victoria please click here.

Definitely! Your donation will always be welcome! Please click here to donate directly to the cause. Alternatively, if you have a friend who is participating in the event you can donate to their individual Everyday Hero page and assist in their fundraising efforts.

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